FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

TicketYoda.com are specialists in football tickets for the United Kingdom and Europe. This page contains the most frequently asked questions by our customers related to purchasing tickets to football matches.

Where are my tickets? I ordered them weeks ago.

Most tickets in the UK for football matches are issued no earlier than 14 days before the game. Due to most teams in the Premier League issuing tickets on Member cards (memberships) or Season Tickets this means that they cannot be sent out like other event tickets. For example 1 Season ticket might have all the home games on one card, therefore they cannot be delivered until very close to the match day.

All football tickets listed on TicketYoda.com are covered with the 100% guarantee. With this tickets can often be delivered right up to game day either at your hotel or close to the stadium.

Can you send tickets internationally?

Unfortunately most ticket suppliers don’t send tickets to international addresses unless it is a one off event such as the Champions League Final, FA Cup Final etc.

I need the tickets now, can you advise where they are?

Tickets can only be delivered in the week leading up to the match. You will receive a confirmation at least 10 days before hand detailing the information on when your tickets will be delivered.

Where are the tickets located in the stadium?

The exact tickets in the stadium can normally not be given out until you receive them. Unless the exact seats are listed on the TicketYoda.com website then unfortunately we cannot give exact row and seat numbers.
Shortside: This refers to the seats behind the goal.

Longside: These seats are located alongside the pitch i.e. The longest side of the football pitch.
Category 1 Seats: These are normally the best seats in the stadium.

What is your Telephone Number?

As soon as you order tickets for a football game, you will receive the full order information containing all the required contact details and details relating your match tickets.

Can I get a discount on football tickets?

All the prices listed on TicketYoda.com are the best prices online for sold-out tickets. With this we don’t offer an coupons or discounts for tickets.

Are the Prices for Children the same as Adults?

Unless specifically stated all tickets purchased through the Ticket Yoda platform are priced for adults. For certain matches there will be tickets listed which are for Adult and Child, with this is, it is important that you don’t try to enter the stadium as an adult on a child ticket. This will normally result in you being escorted out the stadium or not even be allowed to enter.

Can I be stopped at the Stadium Entrance?

On rare occasions, it is possible that people can be denied entrance into a football stadium if the stewards believe that the tickets have been purchased on the secondary ticket market, such as Ticket Yoda. It is important that you obtain and keep any documents/papers that the official stewards give to if for any reason they don’t let you in the stadium or they eject you.

Am I in Trouble for Buying Football Tickets?

Absolutely not, the purchasing of football tickets in completely legal and therefore you have nothing to be concerned about. Some clubs might ask you questions where did you purchase the tickets from but this is a rare occurrence and is completely normal. Teams will never deny you entry into a game if your tickets are from a secondary ticket website.

Why are tickets so expensive?

Most football tickets don’t sell for more than face-value and for some games tickets are sold less than this price. However the Premier League top 4 etc, Finals and the Champions League however are sold for more than the original due to the high demand and low supply.

What is the Price Tracker?

The price tracker allows for our visitors to see the historic prices of the match. The feature allows you to decide to see if you want to wait for tickets or purchase them now. We created this function to allow users to see if there is a trend in ticket prices e.g. increasing or decreasing. Tickets for Manchester United vs Liverpool have started at low prices and have steadily increased until we think will reach a high price, the highest in this season.

What Shall I use the Price Alert function for?

We understand that many fans cannot afford increased prices to watch their football team and most have a set budget. This price alert allows for fans to be notified as soon as tickets (on average) go below their budget. For example we had a fan who was waiting for tickets to a Liverpool game to below £75 for over 12 weeks, the day that these prices changed enough to be lower than the budget we notified her and she immediately purchased the tickets.

This is a great function and one we aim to share to fans looking for tickets.