Ticket Yoda is located in Manchester, United Kingdom and has been developed to give the best prices available for tickets to both music and sports events across the world.

We started with two separate sites, Ticket Yoda USA and Ticket Yoda UK but the aim before close of 2013 is to merge the two sites so that all events are in one place and all ticket prices can be seen here.

We have some big aims over the next 12 months so feel free to drop us an email on info @ ticketyoda.co.uk to let us know if you can help or have ideas for us.


Adam Beaumont Founder

Adam Beaumont is a specialist in digital marketing and came up with Ticket Yoda whilst searching online for the best priced tickets. Adam has a blog which can be read at http://www.event-traveller.com

Hobbies/Interests: Football, Boxing, Travel, SEO, Major Events.

Contact Adam on info@ticketyoda.com